Company Profile

After passing a rigorous selection process, we are proud to be using the very finest in 3M,; Meguiar’s and Auto Glym products available on the market today. Being specialist detailers offering car detailing for the Western Cape, we use the best quality products and equipment to ensure that our work is of the very best in finishing. This ranges from wax top-ups to full wax detailing. Offering a wide range of detailing services tailored to your needs, including ongoing maintenance packages. We pride ourselves in offering unsurpassed levels of quality, exceeding your expectations to leave a long lasting lustrous finish that will be easy to maintain.

As we are an authorised wax detailer you can be assured of the highest possible level of attention and finish to your vehicle.

We all know that the environment is full of chemicals which are harmful to paintwork, from salt on the road in winter to corrosive and oxidising compounds deposited in the rain. Another culprit is in the automated car wash, certain brushes of which, whilst making your car superficially clean, leave behind tiny swirl marks and scratches. We correct the paint surface with all the necessary steps to bring it back to its best possible condition – only then do we apply wax which extends the life of your paintwork by protecting it from UV radiation, road salt, acid rain and just about anything else harmful.

Full treatment of your car can take from as little as one day to up to three days depending on its condition. In addition to the paintwork correction and protection, a full detail includes a full interior valet. Caring for your car after treatment is easy and you will find that it soon returns to showroom shine and washing. By protecting your paintwork and the cosmetic appearance of your car, you are protecting your investment.

“Attention to detail with work which rivals that of a heart surgeon”

As we have completed the authorised Wax training we are able to use the products correctly and achieve the best possible results for you. Exquisite Auto Detailing is able to offer a range of the wax protections. As a result, we have implemented a system that produces a high standard of quality at an unbelievable price. Satisfaction guaranteed.